Victoria Foundation’s Mission
is to promote inclusive and
holistic livelihood amongst
marginalized groups.


The organization envisions a
society in which marginalized
groups enjoy their rights and
meet their basic needs.

Core Values

Accountability and Transparency
| Trustfulness | Commitment
| Diversity | Integrity | Gender
equity | Timeliness


Our goal is to see the quality
of life and social wellbeing of
Tanzanian communities improved

One positive action can change the world

We walk with the marginalized. Each step, every step, all steps.

The foundation was established to promote and improve the socio-economic wellbeing of disadvantaged rural members in Tanzania. Specifically, it supplements government efforts in supporting marginalized groups of people such as widows, orphans, albinos, youth, the elderly and those with disabilities.

The Impact of the Foundation

We are based in

20+ Projects,
And some are currently running

1280+ People

Our Story

All that we do, we do for marginalized groups… and we work at it with all of our heart, because they deserve nothing less. We believe that all people share in a universal calling to care for all marginalized, so all of the tools and approaches we offer are designed to bring people together in all their wonderous diversity to build a better world.

Latest News

Msafiri's Story

Victoria Foundation met Mr Msafiri at the hospital. After being treated following an accident, he was unable to pay the hospital bill. This meant that Mr Msafiri could not leave the hospital. Being touched Victoria Foundation financed Mr Msafiri's hospital bill so that he could get released and reunite with his Family. At Victoria Foundation we like to see families brought back together.

Ernest and Jeremiah's Journey

These pictures capture Ernest and Jeremiah's journey from the minute Victoria Foundation met them to facilitating their treatment and helping them reintegrate back to the society.