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Cancer victims

Ernest and Jeremiah were just like any other kids, gliding through life with joy and innocence. Despite the hardships life presented Ernest and Jeremiah were full of hope. Ernest’s dream was to one day “work in an office” and have enough money to liberate his family. Though their dreams were vast, a condition, in the background lurked that could profoundly impact the entire trajectory of their lives.

A small harmless lump that at first was thought to be the aftermath of a mosquito bite morphed into something grave. Their parents journeyed from doctor to doctor trying to comprehend what was happening to their kids.  This mystery surrounding their condition made their communities suspect them of witchcraft and subsequently limiting interactions with them.

Victoria Foundation met Ernest and Jeremiah through a program aimed at distributing tricycles to people with disabilities. Upon assessment, Victoria foundation realized the needs of the two transcended tricycles. With this, the foundation financed consultations with a top doctor who upon medical examinations concluded the two suffered from caner.

Luckily, their cancer was in the first stages meaning immediate action could save their lives. Without hesitation Victoria foundation financed the needed procedures. The two are now progressing with school with their hopes and dreams revitalized. Ernest and Jeremiah’s story is one among the many. Victoria foundation was however unable to reach others in time. We were not able to reach Young Esther in time. May her soul rest in peace.

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