Board Members – Press Release

Victoria Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization established to promote and improve the socio-economic wellbeing of disadvantaged rural members in Tanzania. Specifically, it supplements government efforts in supporting marginalized groups of people such as widows, orphans, albinos, youth, the elderly and those with disabilities.

Victoria Foundation is happy to announce its new board members who will serve a critical role in shaping the foundation’s direction. The new board members bring with them a wealth of insights and experience that they have extensively accumulated over the years in their respective fields. The new board members are;


Joseph Kusaga is a Tanzanian self-made serial entrepreneur with a niche for big ideas and the drive, skills and knowledge to turn those same ideas into media empires. Early on, Joe’s love for both music and people drove him to DJ and produce events and discotheques across Tanzania. Eventually, in 1998, Joe’s instinct and passion led him to create the now award winning C.L.O.U.D.S. (Cool , Lovable, Outrageous, Unique, Dynamic, Sound) FM, one of Tanzania’s first FM radio stations; bringing his love of R&B and Hip Hop to the ears of the people of The United Republic of Tanzania. From the inception of CLOUDS, Joe has continued to meticulously build a strong portfolio of successful media, hospitality and technology firms. Joe’s innovative spirit and dedication propels him to the cutting edge of every arena he enters. Joe was featured in the inaugural edition of Forbes Africa magazine for his vision and business acumen.


Ambassador Jack Zoka is a persuasive communicator with strengths in negotiating agreements and enhancing relations between countries. He has over the years occupied a number of posts both in the domestic and international space. He served as the High Commissioner to Canada & Ambassador to Cuba from 2014- 2018. He similarly held a number of positions at the President’s office, positions like Deputy Director General where he served from 2006- 2014.


Dr. Beatrice Kalinda Mkenda is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam, School of Economics. She specializes in teaching International Economics and Macroeconomics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her research interests are diverse, and they have involved, among others, the following areas; the impact of globalization, indigenous knowledge and employment generation among women, empowering women in micro, small and medium enterprises, informal sector employment and ability of SMEs to penetrate export markets.

Mr. Walter Buxton Chipeta is Corporate and Commercial Law professional bringing over 18 years of experience in diverse legal and business environments, including competition law, regulatory compliance and M&A. He is team leader with demonstrated ability to effectively meet goals through effective management and analytical abilities. Proven track record in commercial litigation, arbitration and mediation processes, in sectors such as law contract, personal injury, insurance law, aviation regulation and claims, banking and finance, competition law, etc.


Dr. Dalaly Peter Kafumu is a Former Commissioner for Minerals and former Member of Parliament, of the Parliament Tanzania and currently a Consulting Economic Geologist and Investment Advisor in the mining, oil and gas sectors. Also he is currently Chairperson of a consulting company PB Unique Company Limited, a Tutor at the Earth Sciences Institute of Shinyanga and a Part-time Lecturer in geology at the University of Dodoma. As an expert in the mining sector he have been a leader and manager in policy, strategies and statutes development in the mining sector in Tanzania and to a lesser extent in Africa. And as an academic and researcher has published two books and over 20 scientific papers in international journals.


Ms. Tunu Pinda is the spouse of the former Prime Minister of Tanzania – Hon Mizengo Peter Pinda. She possesses extensive experience in community development and social mobilisation. Ms. Tunu is the founder and Matron of The Millennium Women Group which pivots on social and community development. Over the years the group has engaged in multiple projects ranging from education to sanitation. She is currently the Ambassador for the International Peace Federation in Tanzania under the United Nations, which emphasises peace at each level of the society.


Marynsia is passionate about community development specifically in quality education. She has been creating reading culture to children through their parents for more than two years. She has managed to establish children book clubs in Dar Es Salaam, Arusha, Mbeya and Mwanza. She believes that every child is born with a potential talent hence she has been working towards unleashing different talents of children whenever the children meet for book clubs. Mary advocates on fighting violence against children and young women. She has six years’ experience as a banker specifically in Risk Management and has four years’ experience in corporate events planning and management. Mary is passionate about strategizing communication. For the past 8 years she has been working with different organizations to strengthen their communication capability.