Message from the founder (Our story)

Its like a dream comes true! My personal life, my experience during the early years of my life has had an eternal influence on how I look at people who face hardships in life. I grew up in an environment that was not friendly for a girl child. I also saw a lot of people in our community who were facing a multitude of problems. It was even harder for people with disabilities. I thought then that that was not the kind of life to be tolerated; for anyone. So I always had this idea that something needs to be done, that if given an opportunity I will do something to rectify this.

I am glad I was able to get education. I thank those who supported me on this. The late Bishop Balina having played an unforgettable role. Then I became a Member of Parliament –  Special Seats – through my party CCM. And this was the opportunity. I dedicated myself to use the little I get to support people in need. And that’s how I established VICTORIA foundation in 2011.  I thank God for guiding me towards that direction.

We have so far, through our meager resources reached those in need, widows, orphans, people suffering from cancer. You can see the value of Victoria Foundation. But more lives can be reached, can be touched. Resources are always a challenge. That why I appeal to all of you, our partners, folks all over who are touched to join hands with Victoria Foundation.